Online since 2000, motiontrends (MT), offers professional Arabic copywriting and translation services (text and graphics) for the auto industry and its representatives in the Middle East and North Africa.
Ford BLIS, Cross Traffic Alert, Collision Warning with Brake Support
MT puts its expertise in the automotive fields since the late 80s (details...), at the service of auto makers, importers or their representatives, with expert copywriting and translation (English-Arabic or French-Arabic): press kits, press releases, specifications and technical graphics.
Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid
This visible section provides only samples of our features about the car industry, new models, tech and varieties.
Hella Varilis intelligent automotive lighting systems
Our production is not published on this site, unless otherwise requested by the client.

All materials are supplied by MT from a password-protected section, or sent directly in compressed folders to the customer's chosen e-mail address.

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تنطلق مع موديل سيرينا في اليابان الشهر المقبل تقنيات نيسان بروبايلوت للقيادة الذاتية
في موديلات وأسواق عدة بدءاً من 2017
Nissan Propilot, Arabic graphic 1 of 4
Nissan Propilot, Arabic graphic 3 of 4

مشهد سوريالي قرب جسر "الآنسات" ضريرٌ يدلّ تائهاً وسط الشارع
أمام طابور سيارات متوقف... مذهولاً

من يقول أن عمرها نصف قرن؟
شيفروليه كامارو تطفئ شمعتَها الخمسين
وكأن معطف الزمن رد عنها رياحَ السنين

Since its launch in 2000, motiontrends (MT) has always been commited to serving its clients with honored deadlines, attention to the intrinsic characteristics of their products and services, and utmost respect for the final reader's intelligence and right to quality. We don't fill space with words.

We are looking for serious partners interested in what we do, convinced by its quality, and ready to market these services on a commission basis.

Our partners can be independent professionals or companies specialized in the sector.

Financial details depend on the proposed formula. We are open to suggestions and believe in frankness and mutual respect to guarantee a long term win-win cooperation.

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